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Smartpad là gì?

Smartpad hay digital journal là một dạng sổ tay điện tử có kích thước như một tablet. Khi viết hoặc vẽ trên Smartpad bạn có thể chụp hình và lưu trữ lại qua tính năng scan/nhận dạng chữ viết đặc biệt của Smartpad. Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad là một thiết bị Smartpad từ công ty Nhật Bản… Read More »

What a bad credit score can hold you back?

A bad credit score cause a huge impact to your personal financial live, below just name a few of those setback: Apartment rent – Leasing officer will scan your credit score and if they can spot some red flags, your application is at the edge of rejection or you may end up with paying a… Read More »

Top 4 banks in America

There are top 4 banks in America: JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., Wells Fargo & Co. The total assets for each is in below table: They are largest american banks by assets: Every year sees some shakeup in this exclusive club. Larger banks trade places with one another, and smaller banks drop… Read More »

Animated financial education videos

When it comes to investing education is the key to success. After you decided to manage your own money instead of defer it to your financial advisory and save huge amount of fee and gain, you are driving your bus. Get your financial training is crucial to increase gain and reduce losses. There are several… Read More »

Add someone to your credit card

If your spouse, family member of close friend is not able to apply for a Credit Card by themselves because of some reason than you can help to add he/she to your credit card. The credit card issuer allows you to have an additional person as an authorized user or join account holder. The authorized user… Read More »

Tax-free and Tax-deferred accounts

Tax-free account is where you can put your pre-tax money into it and grow/invest overtime without paying tax on the gain. When you retire or older than 59.5 year old, you can withdraw the invested money plus the capital gain without any tax concern. You then can invest those money into the a Treasury bills… Read More »

What the successful people do before their breakfast

The most successful people also are early risers, they enjoy waking up before the sun and do a ton of thing that require self-motivated in their routine, such as: workout, visualization, meditation, reading, just name a few. When you spend time with successful people, you start to recognize the behaviors and habits they all share. What’s… Read More »

Earning vs Revenue

Revenue is the total sales of a company where earning (profit) is the net amount left after subtract all fee to maintain business such as salary, operation cost, etc. Gross profit shows the total revenue minus the variable costs, or cost of goods sold. Operating income and non-operating activities are added or subtracted to gross profit… Read More »

No more lip service

Ngày 14/2 Tôi tuyệt vời xin gửi tới các bạn thông điệp “No more lip service”, đừng bao giờ chỉ nói “xuông” với những người mình yêu quý mà hãy hành động. Hãy luôn đặt gia đình lên trên hết, vì cho tới cuối cùng điều quan trọng nhất với mỗi người có lẽ là… Read More »

Paypal supports withdraw money to debit, or prepaid card

Information from Paypal that they still supports withdraw money to user debit, or prepaid card . They also support transfer/withdraw money into your bank checking account after it’s verified (bank link completed). Question: Can I withdraw money to my credit, debit, or prepaid card from Paypal? Answer from PP: Yes. You can withdraw money to… Read More »