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FED – Cục dữ trữ liên bang mỹ là gì?

Cục dự trữ liên bang Hoa Kỳ – Federal Reserve System hay gọi tắt là FED, là một cơ quan có người đứng đầu do Tổng thống và quốc hội Mỹ bổ nhiệm. FED là cơ quan duy nhất giữ trách nhiệm phát hành tiền tệ (in tiền dollar) cũng như kiểm soát lãi suất. Cơ… Read More »

Decoy effect explained

Decoy effect is a marketing strategy that can help increase sale revenue by adding a “noise” option between a fair and high prices option. Below is an example of decoy effect. One popcorn stand is offering 2 options, small cup for $3 and large cup for $7. The vast majority of customers pickup small cup… Read More »

Free videos to download

Below are three websites that allow you to download stock videos and use in your projects and media for free. They are all provide high quality footage and clips, the last site (videezy) requires you to wait for 3 seconds before the free download about to start.

Should I close credit card?

Q: I own more than one credit cards and found difficulty when managing them all, especially remember their due date, should I close one with balance is zero? A: No, you should NOT close any credit card even the balance is 0. 30% of your credit score (FICO or TransUnion score) is calculated base on the… Read More »