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By | February 22, 2017

When it comes to investing education is the key to success. After you decided to manage your own money instead of defer it to your financial advisory and save huge amount of fee and gain, you are driving your bus. Get your financial training is crucial to increase gain and reduce losses. There are several ways  for your finance study, you can read books, sign up for training course, or watching free YouTube videos. Below are some of personal favorite animated financial education videos that I enjoy to watch recently:

  1. Bank of America – Better money habit series:
  2. Zion TV – Animated Investing Series – Beginner/Imtermediate:
  3. Fidelity Investments – Investing for Beginners:
  4. TDAmeritrade Investools – Investing basic:
  5. Preston Pysh – BuffettsBooks:
  6. One Minute Economics – Learn Economics in One Minute:

Financial Education resources offered by those channels can help you learn about topics ranging from frugal living and credit scores to family finances and investing. Learn more today.

Animated finance education videos channel

If you have other financial education YouTube channel that is helping/teaching you to save most money out of your paychecks and growing at the same time, please share in comment below 🙂

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