Bet on yourself?

By | September 22, 2016

If you believe you can do it than bet on yourself and work toward it. Lazy is not an option.

Bet on yourself

You can settle, take whatever you are given, stay stuck and spend the rest of your life doing something you don’t like everyday, OR make a trade-off. Millions of people do this. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with this. Many people can’t support themselves with what earn from doing what they love, so they have to accept the sacrifice for what they receive in return. But please ask yourself how long can you put through this?

When you bet on yourself, you’re picking yourself. You’re believing in your unlimited potential. You’re believing in your dreams and tap into your power. And when you bet on yourself, you are giving yourself the chance to win BIG. You’re allowing yourself to live in a world where you don’t have to constantly hedge your bets. You give yourself permission to dream and chase after your dreams.

Constantly push to evolve your ideas, even if you are not ready to launch your life’s work yet. Don’t get stuck!

Your dream is that you have wasn’t packaged and delivered to anyone else except you. You can’t let that go to waste. There is no one else in the world like you. Your have your unique set of skills, talents, knowledge and personality that you have is what makes YOU uniquely designed to achieve this specific vision. It’s a perfect match!

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