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Hurricane Harvey…

Every cent you donated will be doubled by Google and sent directly to whom who are still dealing with the severe effects of Hurricane Harvey. Every dollar counts…

NETGEAR home router login page

The default login page to your NETGEAR home router is, unless the credential is updated you always can login with username: login and password is password. This is the page where you can change your network identifier and password. When it comes to security using default password has never been recommended since it will take… Read More »

What is frontage road

Frontage road is a subsidiary road running parallel to a main road or highway and giving access to houses and businesses.

Mother Day spending in America

This weekend and today specific, Americans will probably spend about $23 billion celebrating Mom. That works out to about $170 per Mom (or expecting Mom). Happy Mother Day 🙂

Recent updates on

As of May 13, 2017 Adding Subscription box where users can enter their email to subscribe and get updates on the latest blog posts. Adding Stats widget to show the total views of blog up to date. Adding Ads widget to show Google AdSense ads – currently empty. May 14 – Disable ad widgets until… Read More »

Call your mom

Ngày của Mẹ Sáng Thứ 7, 13/5/2017 ở Mỹ, thức dậy check mail nhận được mail gửi từ một diễn đàn về nhiếp ảnh quen thuộc. Email rất đơn giản, tiêu đề là Call your mom, nội dung có hình ảnh minh họa của hai mẹ con. Mình gọi điện về nhà hôm qua rồi, những… Read More »

Thời sự và kinh tế

Tin tức thời sự và biến động kinh tế của các công ty luôn liên quan mật thiết với nhau. Tin tức về việc khủng bố diễn ra mạnh mẹ ở Trung Đông hoặc Bắc Âu có thể khiến các hãng hàng không bị ảnh hưởng doanh thu nặng nề do người dân không mua… Read More »

Chicken vs Turkey

Turkey is lower in cholesterol than most other meats, especially red meats (pork, beef, lamb, etc), and has a much better proportion of unsaturated fats to saturated fats than chicken. Per portion, turkey meat contains more protein per gram than beef, pork and chicken. They are both nutritious and rich in protein, though chicken has more… Read More »

Intake calories

Self-reported average energy intake of 2,640 calories for men and 1,785 calories per day for women is within current USDA recommendations, yet still higher than our previous generation. Since the majority of men and women in the U.S. are overweight or obese, many are eating more calories than they require. With the more convenient from… Read More »