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Doanh thu và lợi nhuận

Doanh thu (revenue): Là tổng số tiền thu được từ khách hàng qua hoạt động kinh doanh. Chi phí (cost): Là số tiền càn thiết phải chi ra để duy trì hoạt động kinh doanh. Lợi nhuận (profit): Là dòng tiền (free cash flow) còn lại từ doanh thu sau khi đã trừ đi toàn bộ… Read More »

FED – Cục dữ trữ liên bang mỹ là gì?

Cục dự trữ liên bang Hoa Kỳ – Federal Reserve System hay gọi tắt là FED, là một cơ quan có người đứng đầu do Tổng thống và quốc hội Mỹ bổ nhiệm. FED là cơ quan duy nhất giữ trách nhiệm phát hành tiền tệ (in tiền dollar) cũng như kiểm soát lãi suất. Cơ… Read More »

Should I close credit card?

Q: I own more than one credit cards and found difficulty when managing them all, especially remember their due date, should I close one with balance is zero? A: No, you should NOT close any credit card even the balance is 0. 30% of your credit score (FICO or TransUnion score) is calculated base on the… Read More »

What a bad credit score can hold you back?

A bad credit score cause a huge impact to your personal financial live, below just name a few of those setback: Apartment rent – Leasing officer will scan your credit score and if they can spot some red flags, your application is at the edge of rejection or you may end up with paying a… Read More »

Top 4 banks in America

There are top 4 banks in America: JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., Wells Fargo & Co. The total assets for each is in below table:

Animated finance education videos

When it comes to investing education is the key to success. After you decided to manage your own money instead of defer it to your financial advisory and save huge amount of fee and gain, you are driving your bus. Get your financial training is crucial to increase gain and reduce losses. There are several… Read More »

Tax-free and Tax-deferred accounts

Tax-free account is where you can put your pre-tax money into it and grow/invest overtime without paying tax on the gain. When you retire or older than 59.5 year old, you can withdraw the invested money plus the capital gain without any tax concern. You then can invest those money into the a Treasury bills… Read More »

Earning vs Revenue

Revenue is the total sales of a company where earning is the net amount left after subtract all fee to maintain business such as salary, operation cost, etc. Some company can have a big number of sale growth and small at earning if they are in the narrow profit/margin industry such as retail, hardware, oil… Read More »

What is the dividend?

Dividend is the amount of free cash flow that the company pays back to its shareholders/owners. When it comes to free cash flow, the company has 2 main options to spend this amount of money, they can re-invest into current business to make a bigger return or pay back to shareholders via divined stocks. Some… Read More »