Fuel for a long run

By | September 12, 2016

How to fuel yourself better for a long run.

  1. The dinner before the run, try to have a “big” meal with lot of carbohydrates (carbs) and protein, says a pasta with sausage cooked with olive oil and broccoli rabe (rapini).
  2. The morning of the run, wake up early to have enough time for a light breakfast about 1 hour before the run. Stay away from coffee since you will get dehydrate faster because of caffeine.
  3. Right before the run, take one gel or chews to have more carbs. The sciences analytics shows it’s better to fuel yourself with carbs from gel or chews every 20 minutes during a long run.
  4. Drink every 1 mile stop to stay hydrate, you lost .33 US gallon because of sweat out each hour during the run, so hydrate is crucial.
  5. After the run, have a bow of watermelon with Himalayan grinder salt.
  6. 30 to 45 mins after the run, have another meal with lots of carbs, says peanut butter, grain bread and banana.

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