What is frontage road

By | June 16, 2017

A frontage road (also known as an access road, service road, parallel road, etc) is a local road running parallel to a higher-speed, limited-access road. A frontage road is often used to provide access to shops, houses, private driveways, industries or farms. Where parallel high-speed roads are provided as part of a major highway, these are also known as local-express lanes.

A frontage lane is a paved path that is used for the transportation and travel from one street to another. Frontage lanes, closely related to a frontage road, are common in metropolitan areas and in small rural towns. Frontage lanes are technically not classified as roads due to their purpose as a bridge from one road to another, and due to the architectural standards that they are not as wide as a standard road, or used as commonly as a standard road, street, or avenue.

Frontage road service road

Frontage road is a subsidiary road running parallel to a main road or highway and giving access to houses and businesses.

In Houston, frontage roads are best known simply as feeders. Other Texans prefer to call them access roads or service roads, but they all mean the same thing: Streets alongside freeways and highways that act as corridors of commerce and connect thoroughfares to cross streets.

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